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Sooo I made a muslin of Simplicity 2936 a long, long time ago - the last weekend that I sat down and sewed - and then I never got around to making the actual garment. And I have figured out that that is because in my darling sewing plan I have a white seersucker blouse with contrasting blue peter pan collar, and when you just get right down to it I am not the kind of person who would wear a contrasting peter pan collar. Well. Yet. So I think tomorrow I'm just going to try to cut out and pin the white seersucker (... after redrafting the neckline to be less THEM'S SOME CLEAVAGE, jeez, Simplicity) and then if I can avoid doing anything wacky I might actually have a shirt by Sunday. It will be the first wearable thing I've sewn this summer - everything else is stalled somewhere around the point at which my plan and my skills diverged. Like the point where I tried to make a standing collar out of t-shirt knit. Or the skirts that attest that I did not think about zippers when I drafted them. Yep. Yep.

(If I am feeling bloggerly maybe I will do a Doomed Projects photopost. Everyone cares deeply about my zipperless skirts! Yay!)

If I have a revelation about the white seersucker shirt, maybe next I will make the same shirt over with collar, entirely in blue, and then it will not be so conspicuously Hello Sailor, I'm Peggy from Mad Men. I know things! About shirts! I promise!

... I do not know things about shirts.
Also, I bought seven old dress patterns - seven - in my size in the past two days, so I am thinking that maybe it is time to let the several drawers of gifted vintage patterns that don't fit me and don't fit anybody in my family go. I wonder if selling things on Etsy sucks - surely out there there is someone with a 32 inch bust who has just been longing in their soul for Marian Martin patterns in their factory folds, right? Right? Who will give me ten bucks so that I can buy more fabric?

This crass commercialism makes me weary, I am to bed. Anyway. That's a good long ramble for the elwidth. Good night, sweet internet.
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