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I need to just stop wasting my time getting sad at the instantly-picked-over racks in town and go straight to the county thrift shop whenever I have a paycheck burning about twenty dollars of spending money in my pocket.

I got:

- An Eileen Fisher silk velvet dress that looks very nice on me and initially retailed for at least $250, says the internet.
- FIVE SWEATERS, all of them mid-weight and work appropriate - you have no idea how desperately I have needed office-ready layering supplies lately, and because of the aggressiveness of our air conditioning this is not going to stop being an issue when spring comes. From the look of things all but one of them are $50 sweaters; there's some not-frumpy cashmere and some raw silk in the mix.
- Two shirts for D because I was, um, hoping to distract him from the fabric I bought even though he really wouldn't care.
- Two pieces of nice polycotton, another good-quality cotton shower curtain to cut up (... it's a lot of nice fabric for cheap? It was a dollar?) and a surprising two yards of wine red wool crepe with a bit of nylon in it. Also a couple of yards of broderie anglaise that were totally once a dust ruffle but will look innocuous in a sewing project.

Seriously, while one day I look forward to having more sewing skills, the fact that I can wander out and come home with a perfectly beautiful cashmere sweater for $3 does dissuade me from the idea that sewing one skirt means that I have to be Pioneer Girl for the rest of my life. And I am fine with that. Recycling? But at the same time, I was way worse at buying things until I started learning how to sew things.



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