sapotesews ([personal profile] sapotesews) wrote2011-01-27 01:38 pm

Simplicity 2367 progress.

Last night:

- pin-fit the waistband, had moment of panic that it only fit around my high waist, realized I had the seam-allowance wrong, re-pinned. This skirt is going to fit at my natural waist, though, not the place I'm used to measuring as a "waist" from my nineties youth. Good thing we're all into Mad Men-height waists now, because that's sure where mine is.

- chose a Cheerful Fabric for the waistband facing that will hopefully not itch.

- cut out half the skirt, got tired of kneeling on the floor pinning things, and left it.

This morning:

- cut out the rest of the outside fabric. I'm starting to debate lining it, since it's a first draft, but on the other hand the color is really cheerful and it's not like I don't need practice lining things. I also managed to cut around any bleach stains that would have shown on the outside. Go me!

Shower curtain laid out with bleach stain

These didn't bleed through to the other side but clearly bothered whoever owned this enough that they gave it to the thrift shop. My gain!

January skirt progress

The state I left my living room in this morning. Note that it did not occur to me at any point to put the fabric cutting board on the table and save my back. Next time!

Fabric I bought

The main stash. Two guesses what my favorite color is.

Next up:

- Cut out the lining fabric, or, if I'm waffling, do a pin fitting and then cut out the lining fabric.
- Work out whether or not I want to mess with the belt loops from the pattern, given that I don't presently own a belt.
- Apply fusible interfacing to relevant bits.
- Consider pins and zippers and actually sewing things.