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Completed steps

1/23: Retyped all the damn instructions to make sure I understood how the pattern was put together and to guarantee that I would actually read them instead of just starting to sew towards what I thought a skirt probably looked like. Looked up tricky bits in Vogue Sewing Book.
1/25: Took out the pattern pieces, identified them, cut the pieces used for the skirt out from the pieces used for the pants and shorts.

- Ironed pattern pieces for skirt and traced onto craft paper (new favorite method: tape pieces to paper and then trace through with a marker that bleeds through the paper. Does damage the original more than Pellon, but on the other hand, feels more precise.)
- Folded up unused pieces and put them back in pattern envelope neatly (very proud of self on this one.)
- Folded up traced pieces and put back in envelope.
- Labeled traced pieces as clearly as possible, all things considered.

Findings so far:

1) No wonder Simplicity puts so many different patterns into one envelope: the skirt pattern has three pieces including belt loops. This makes me nervous, as my front and my back are quite different. On the other hand:
2) Eventually I will learn to tell from pattern illustrations: this is essentially a circle skirt with a yoke. It's like 340 degrees of a circle, at least. I've been curious about those.
3) That's why the enclosed pocket will only work for the pants. An in-seam pocket will probably work better anyway, and be way less obvious when this skirt starts to walk its way the whole way around my waist like they do.
4) Wow, the difference between sizes really is 1/4th of an inch, isn't it? This makes me nervous, as I definitely gain and lose eighths of inches while cutting and tracing. I'm planning to do at least a pin fitting on this one, though considering how full and unshaped the skirt is turning out to be, it's really only the waistband that could possibly have a problem. The envelope measurements are their usual for-me-ridiculous ten-inch hourglass, but my experience is that Simplicity is designed for people who are not so hourglassy in real life.

I have a couple of other skirt patterns that have come from mixed wardrobes or vintage patterns, and I think I'm going to give them a try, but if I'm in good standing, stash-decreasing-wise, the next time Vogue goes on mail-order sale I think Vogue 7910 might actually be the right skirt for what I'm trying to accomplish.

Next steps:

I would like to cut out my traced pieces and cut out the fashion fabric tonight, since it turns out to be such a simple job. The shower curtain in question (100% cotton, btw) has some bleach stains on it that are going to require some careful placement. If I get really ambitious I might try pin-fitting the waistband just to be sure that Simplicity is being its usual belly-friendly self.

I've still got the lining fabric to do after that, since the shower curtain is a little itchy and it's as nice a way as any to get rid of taupe floral lawn.

I'm wondering if, itchiness taken into account, I should cut the waistband facing in something nicer. The way it's constructed, I would not be surprised if it shows through, though.

I just realized that I can use the giant roll of Pellon I was tracing on before I got the craft paper as sew-in interfacing. Yay!
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