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A month of sewing

This is my plan for the next four weeks of my life.

1) Project #1: January showers skirt

I am calling this the "January showers skirt" - flowers start blooming in February here - until my sense of embarrassment shows up and encourages me not to. I am tracing off this pattern and trying to do at least a baste-fitting, so we'll see how it goes. To do tonight: iron and trace the pattern itself.

2) I done bought fabric, loud loud fabric, and I'm hoping to sew Butterick 3349 with it. My goal is to have something else to wear around the house as a warm top layer besides my coffee-stained pink fuzzy bathrobe. Other sewing bloggers might say things like "something more cheerful" or "something more fetching". I say "something that won't show the marks when I accidentally push the plunger on the french press too hard and get sprayed down with medium roast."

My drawing does not even capture how loud this fabric is. Or how ridiculous the scale is. Whoops, fabric.

3) Honestly, I've been looking at pictures of Simplicity 2614, and I don't think the things I disliked about my version of it were my sewing skills. I think I don't like all the poofs - the shoulder gathers poof and the bust gathers poof and the sleeves poof and I am just not so poofy as all that. Also, this is something that I would not have been able to say at the point a year ago where I started this epic journey of Learning to Sew Clothes and Also Have Opinions On Them - I'm not sure I'm so into v-necks.

Anyway, I'm going to go on and throw a perfectly good piece of fabric at one more try of this. I'm going to use the sleeves from a different pattern to eliminate one poof, and am seriously considering trying to do some sort of pintuck at the shoulder, 40s-style to eliminate the gathers. As for the busom poof, I can't help that anyway.

4) Then I'm going to sew Simplicity 2936 in stretch rayon gauze by turning the front and back seams into cut-on-fold lines and eliminating the button placket. See if I don't.

If I actually do all of this, by or by around the end of February, I can draw up another storyboard.

Doomed. Tonight: the vivacious world of pattern tracing.



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