sapotesews ([personal profile] sapotesews) wrote2010-09-20 02:05 pm

This is not a great time for a craft attack, brain, just so you know.

1) A crock pot that I don't plan to use for food (thrift store?)
2) Some rusty iron for iron water.
3) Wood ash.
4) Alum?
5) Undyed fabric and yarn, as clean as possible and preshrunk (since I'd be washing the dickens out of it after).
6) Sage leaves, sage green (co-op grocery)
7) Jewelweed, yellow (... maybe I will drive out to a somewhat weedier part of the county, as I'm pretty sure the ones near my house count as "wildflower garden") (source here.)
8) Cream of tartar (co-op grocery)
9) Live oak? Do you think I could find a live oak sapling or branch that needs taking down? I'm not out to murder a great big tree!
10) Walnut husks.

... 11) Random plants that will not kill me and have colors.

ETA 12) Some mason jars, new, that can be labeled not-foodsafe (since my old canning/household jars are now everyone's favorite drinking glasses)

ALSO [community profile] naturaldyes, via [personal profile] rydra_wong, holy crap, Dreamwidth has EVERYTHING. Not necessarily the most active everything! But still everything.

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